It Is In Our Power To Awaken The Dawn

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The connection between the women in the convention allowed us to see how great our men are and that they are ready to receive the Light in the desert. How can we hold on to this image inside us?

Answer: It is a wonder, but thanks to the fact that the women connected, they felt how special the work that the men do is. Before they didn’t feel that, this is called “From Your actions we shall know You,” by performing the same action, the women understand the men’s state. Now the women understand how the men connect, hug one another, and how they attain connection by collective actions.

Before the women didn’t feel that, since they were not together, they were not one vessel, one desire; they didn’t feel any advantage in that or any attraction or inclination to connect. But now they begin to feel this state. It is an example for all of us that we need “to do and to hear”; that’s how it works.

Thus the women could see how great the men are. Even if this image disappears right away, we shouldn’t be afraid of a descent, but rather accept it as an ascent. When the “hardening of the heart” comes, we will overcome it as fast as we can. The more ascents and descents there are, the more stubbornly we will hold on to one another, thanks to the mutual support.

We shouldn’t be scared; on the contrary, we should be happy: Let the descents come; we will accept them as ascents! We should only hold on to one another and reach the finish line quickly. However, those who stop and don’t want to descend get stuck in one place. We shouldn’t be afraid of the unpleasant feelings, but rather rise above these feelings.

Are we that dependent on our feelings? If the next day everything that happened during the convention disappears, this is the place to work, to try and keep yourself in this state, as if we haven’t left the convention hall.

The “hardening of the heart” that we feel now is given to us so that we will evoke this importance of the goal inside us by ourselves. But can I do that, of course not! This is why we were given a group, an environment that we have already built. According to the power of the environment that has already been built, I am now given a descent. A descent is a sign that I have to connect to the group even more strongly.

How can I connect if the connection has ended and this special opportunity is over? We have to try to keep the connection as hard as we can, even together with some other people, two or three other women by whom I can be impressed is enough. Indeed, if a person connects with someone outside himself, it doesn’t matter how many people there are: a million, a billion or just one. The main thing is that it is someone else, someone on the outside. So the main thing for me is to find a connection as quickly as possible and not to lose it.

A descent is a state in which I am detached from the environment; otherwise, it isn’t a descent, but simply an egoistic bad mood that has nothing to do with spirituality. A spiritual descent is only when one is detached and drawn away from the right environment.

If we understand that, we begin to see that all the ascents and descents are only with regard to the environment. A descent is when I am being drawn away from the environment, and the ego comes between the environment and me. I, on the other hand, have to overcome this ego and despite the ego, return in order to adhere to the environment again.

Then the ego is inserted between us again, and I am drawn further from the environment and constantly overcome this resistance and return, like a piston in an engine. I constantly return to adhesion above the new ego that is evoked each time, and so I end my work quickly, fill the measure of my exertion, the exertion needed to keep myself in adhesion with the group.

If a person completes this work by staying in adhesion, the adhesion with the Creator is revealed to him, the first spiritual level. So we shouldn’t be afraid of the descents, but we should be prepared for them, and on the contrary, we “should awaken the dawn” by ourselves and not wait for the dawn to awaken me.

Different states will come along: “Let there be evening and let there be morning.” The evening has already arrived while we can awaken the dawn by ourselves!
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/15/13, Writings of Rabash

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