Conditions For Entering The Upper Level

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What are the conditions that should be fulfilled between us in order to resemble the upper spiritual level as much as possible?

Answer: The most important thing is to keep these conditions and the Light will complete the work. We cannot ascend to the next level by ourselves. There is always a gap between the levels, as it is written, “I labored and found.” We must exert ourselves, and then there is an action from above, and the new level is revealed inside me.

How can we depict the upper spiritual level by what we have if we have nothing but an egoistic desire? The first condition is to yearn for connection when each one supports everyone else. Everyone should want to converge into one heart, one desire, instead of many individual desires.

We should regard this work on our connection and unity as very important and respectable. This means that I value the upper. However, how do I know who the upper is and what the greatness of the goal is? The upper is my state of connection with others until we become one. The general attribute of bestowal that is revealed as a result of all our individual efforts is called the Creator, which means “come and see” (Bo-re).

I must feel that I am ready for everything in this work, no matter what. This means that I feel that I am in the worst possible state and that there is no lower state to which I can fall. All the other states that will come as result of my connection with others seem preferable to my state. So, no matter what comes along and what happens, nothing scares me or affects me.

I imagine adhesion to the Creator, the general attribute of love and bestowal. I need to adhere to Him according to the attribute of love and bestowal that I develop inside me. So, I constantly search and check whether I already have any of these attributes or not. In order not to be mistaken, I check and assess myself with regard to the environment, the friends with whom I must unite in order to discover the Creator.

I fight the “Greeks” that are inside me. The Greeks refer to my desire to receive, but in contrast to “Egypt,” the Greeks have great knowledge (Daath), which means the connection of Hochma and Bina on the corporeal level. However, I understand that this cannot be a spiritual level because it is already in another dimension in which there are different conditions, other attributes, other vessels. So, I want to work totally above reason.

However, the only way to establish a level above reason is with the help of reason so that we can rise above it. So, I need the Greeks; I need to fight them. It is there that I establish the framework of the future upper level in all its forms. It is because you can reach something above reason only if you have reason.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/29/13, Writings of Rabash

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  1. So…now I am slightly confused… The message, or essence, received here, by my soul fragment, is that in order to truly advance, we need to fully understand what we are doing here (know, read, study, the material until we can feel it and are totally absorbed in it (if so,Great! I am trying..)…and all the while fighting the voice inside that says…”This is ridiculous…you have better things to do…get working on your corporeal activities. This is only going to lead to big trouble.” Is this a correct analysis?

    Plus, I am sorry, but the idea of a connection between Hochma and Bina on a corporeal level sounds truly perfect. Wisdom clothed in bestowal…or bestowal clothed in wisdom…it sounds like a good deal! Maybe its not those Greeks that we really need to fight? Why are we not working in “faith above reason” when we combine these two, without seeing and fully understanding the source? Is that not the essence of faith above reason? We keep struggling , even though we see no clear result because we feel that something sublime is there.. Is not that the most beautiful thing of all? “I seek to truly understand ” You” even though I see no clear personal benefit” Is that not the essence of a true desire for adhesion on any level, corporeal or spiritual?

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