Progressive Double Vision

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen we look at this world, we don’t understand the connection between us and the spiritual world. In other words, we don’t understand the connection between the situation we are in now and the real state in which we are in connection and adhesion with the upper force. It all depends on the right definitions, which means our correct interpretation of what we are feeling in our hearts and what we understand in our minds, and in understanding the reality we are in.

If we imagine our reality correctly and constantly try to develop it and to stabilize it as much as we can, to build it and to carefully correct as much as we understand, our work will be more persistent and we will gradually advance in one direction.

This work includes many elements, which eventually make up one state. At the moment they seem to be unrelated to each other, very distant from one another. How can we see the connection between the perception of reality and the love of others? How can we connect our study of the wisdom of Kabbalah with the group? How can we tie the correction of this world with our ascent up the spiritual ladder?

These things seem very different. A person assumes that if they are connected in some way, then it is an indirect connection. So all our work is to stabilize the right picture inside us.

First we have to discover that the current perception of reality is wrong and to see that it is flawed, contrary to, and the opposite of the actual reality and to constantly try to correct and to improve it. This is how a person can see that the two descriptions can coexist in him: the real image of reality and the feeling of this world.

Of course it involves a duality and double vision, but gradually a person gets used to it. This evokes him to change and to improve himself so that the two images will connect and intersect as in a gun sight, and will make up one picture.

This is how we have to work. It isn’t simple because we cannot imagine the spiritual world that is totally made of forces. We are not physical bodies either, but a force or an attribute, or a desire and a mind, qualities and essences.

But we have to at least imagine it within a force field, waves, and directions of a force that are aimed from one end to another. This description, however, is also incorrect, because the spiritual world is made only from qualities and not from physical forces that we imagine. But this will at least be an advanced perception.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/26/12, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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