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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I prepare for a workshop correctly? What do I, as a participant, pass to the whole group during the workshop?

Answer: As a leader, I “throw out” a question, or an idea, or a state. We should discuss this state.

Everyone should think about what he would say about this state, and how he will complement, not repeat, but add to what has been said so it becomes a joint whole opinion on the given topic.

Question: What should I watch out for at the workshops? What is not allowed to say?

Answer: It’s not allowed to say negative things, but only positive things.

In general, the whole convention is based on the fact that we rise above all our negative issues: personal, group, and world. We think only about unity and live only by this. That is why we don’t touch any problems. We will mention them a little bit at the lectures, but the workshop is built only on ascent.

We talk only about the degree to which we have to rise. We imagine it; we constantly try to adapt to it. Cancelling ourselves, by the connection between us, we try to feel what this higher degree is, the Light that surrounds us, what quality this is, etc. That is, in no way you should fall below the level to which we want to ascend.

Question: How can we find out whether the workshop was successful or not?

Answer: The workshop was successful if people leave it with the feeling that they have obtained the most important thing.

Question: What can individuals or groups who connect with us virtually do during the workshops?

Answer: They should participate with us in the workshops.

He, who is sitting alone in front of the computer, will feel our atmosphere. He will listen to the focus group; we will broadcast it specifically for individuals.

As for the groups, they also discuss the same questions that I “throw out” to the groups in front of me. It doesn’t matter for me who is here in front of me or who is in the world.

The groups around the world discuss the topic of the workshop and do the same things as the groups in front of me. If he is alone, he listens to the focus group and seemingly participates together with it.
From the Virtual Lesson 4/22/12, Preparation to the Congress

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