Blocking The Oxygen For The World

Laitman_509Question: It is written that the war is conducted by the upper force and not by us. Exactly how does this work?

Answer: The upper force is the force of connection, the force of love and bestowal. It works to the degree that we make it possible for it to work, when we equalize with it in our characteristics. To the degree that our yearning is directed externally towards others, to that degree it acts through us.

And if we are not connected with all the rest and don’t intend to live with love and bestowal and this force is not prepared to be extended our way, we block its passage. Then the nations of the world blame us for their troubles.

Question: From this does it follow that ultimately everyone will want to connect with love?

Answer: Yes, it is only that the people of Israel are not letting them do it. We must make it possible for this force to be spread, to be revealed in us and connected between us. It is just as the Creator is revealed to a creature. It is written: “The one who makes peace on high will make peace among us.” And then with that aspiration we will open to the nations of the world. The Creator is interested in everyone knowing Him, “from the least of them unto the greatest of them” (Jeremiah 31:33).

Question: Can the war be an opportunity to reach this?

Answer: The war is designed for only one thing: to obligate us to think about what is not okay with us. For both our neighbors and the world in general are going out against us in an increasingly clear and obvious way. They will no longer be friendly; on the contrary, with time their attitude will only worsen.

Yet before this they were sympathetic to us because they let the Jews return to their land and the nations of the world hoped that somehow we would realize our destiny. The forces of nature worked through them in this way.

Yet today, after 66 years, it is already clear to everyone that we are not setting ourselves to this task. On the contrary, from day to day we block the “channel of abundance” that was supposed to reach everyone through us. And so the complaints of the world increase; so they stand with their backs toward us and support our enemies. This trend will only go and grow stronger, so much so that nobody in the world will remain who supports us, including the Jews who live abroad.

Question: Well, all of the signs suggest that already for some time we should have given the abundance to the world, and have not. Why is that?

Answer: It is because we are not connected. If we connect, then we will create a kind of “conduit,” a direct passage through which the Light will pass to the nations of the world.

Question: When a person stands before a complex problem, he tries with all his might to solve it in his way or moves towards searching for another means. How do we approach this work on connection psychologically?

Answer: The Upper Light, or the Ohr Ein Sof (Light of Infinity), must pass through the “conduit” of Israel to the nations of the world. Yet we are blocking this channel, we are stopping the Light from entering above and exiting below. As a result of this, our “pipe” instead of being a bridge becomes an insulating component between the Light of Infinity and the world.

Blocking Oxygen For The World
Even though they don’t know about this, they feel this subconsciously, even including those who have never been involved with us. And from this are derived all the accusations they come to us with. And truly, following the lack of Upper Light, they experience troubles and blame us for them.

Essentially they are telling us that we are very important for the world, more important than what they are themselves because they depend upon us. But we are blocking the abundance to them; we are blocking the vitality. How else is it possible to relate to people like this?

Yet the people of Israel don’t want to be aware of it. They don’t even know or recognize what is preventing them. If they knew this, they would act differently. They must live in unity, in Arvut (mutual guarantee), then the passage of the abundance will be opened and the Upper Light will pass from Olam Ein Sof (the World of Infinity) to the nations of the world and will fulfill everyone. As it is written by the prophets: this way the whole world will attain peace and calm.

Question: Together with this, how must we relate to the external enemy today?

Answer: We must understand that we must kill the evil within us. But in the meantime, due to a lack of choice and a lack of energy and time, we must also get rid of the external enemy. But this is only because we have not yet succeeded in acting in the right way within ourselves.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalists Write, The Wars of Israel” 7/21/14

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