Maturing Not Through Blows

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are involved with a system of forces that is trying to reach balance and gives us interactive answers. Moreover, there is a single force that activates all of them. This is the power of balance. It influences and acts upon all the particular forces, on all the parts, to bring them to an inclusive balance, and this force is called the “Creator” or “nature.”

However, it is not revealed to us because then we would be united against our will. Suppose that the Creator were to visibly demand from us, “Unite, otherwise I will finish you off.” Certainly, we would listen to His voice from a lack of any other choice.

However, we would not have matured in this way, because our choice, “to be a good child,” would be left on the level of the beast and would be based on fear of punishment.

On the other hand, today, when we are punished, this still doesn’t oblige us to become “good children.” There is no clear connection between the two so that we ourselves would complete the deficiency through our understanding so that we would mature, attain, and reach the entire system of creation.

So parents, also, by punishing a child, don’t oblige him to comply immediately, for they want him to mature, to distinguish between good and evil, and understand how to act correctly by himself. This is so the small child who doesn’t understand will become a mature adult who will acquire intelligence through foolishness.

It is impossible just to hit him like a beast that is afraid of you and depends on you and so he does what you want. No, we don’t want the child to be so dependent upon us. We hope for him to have understanding, attainment, self-awareness, and the correct free choice.

So, there is no direct connection between troubles and conversely, the good deeds. Nature arranges everything so that we must fill  this interval between disasters and good deeds with the recognition of evil.

Question: How is all this connected?

Answer: The Kabbalists must teach the people of Israel how to act, and, when the people of Israel reach the level of understanding and feeling, they will begin to teach all of humanity. This is called “being a light to the nations.” After the inner correction, we will see to what degree they are ready for this in order to comprehend this from us.

Today, we have wisdom. We have the knowledge about what must be done and we are trying to go out to the people.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalists Write: The Wars of Israel” 7/18/14

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