War And Peace

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is this ideological war that you are talking about?

Answer: We are in an ideological war against enemies. It doesn’t matter what the politicians think and say from either side.

It is important to explain to everyone that what is happening is not a confrontation between the state of Israel and the Palestinians, the Hamas, or even the world that is opposing us.

All wars come from the Creator! In the meantime, we are fighting against the Creator, but we must transform these wars into peace and wholeness. It must be known and explained to everyone that, in the meantime, all of these states are given to us in the form of opportunities to go in the way of the Light, “I will hasten it” (Achishena), and to not deviate toward the way of suffering, which is the natural process of development, “in its time” (Beito).

We are compelled to disseminate this knowledge to the world. What will happen after that doesn’t depend upon us anymore, but we must do everything that we can. At these times, it is easier to awaken the hearts of the people, because from this point forward, people lose hope in the possibility of solving the conflict.

Before this, we still hoped that, with the modern means of defense, the “Iron Dome,” we would guarantee a good future for ourselves and thrive. In our world today, no hope remains for a material solution. Only thanks to spiritual advancement is it possible to continue to exist.

No military successes will be prepared to “extinguish” feelings of powerlessness and lack of resolution among the people. These feelings still remain in us because we have entered into a new stage of higher management. Today’s war is a war of world views. A weapon is not victorious; rather, it is the opinion, what the world thinks of you and what the enemy thinks about you.

We see that we cannot use all of our military might. Our hands are tied. We cannot throw missiles and do whatever we want because there are people there, and the entire world is watching and following our every step!

So, we cannot afford to fight, and we don’t need to be naive and think that we have military power. We have no power. We are in the hands of the world. We feel and know how it relates to us. So, for the people of Israel, there is only one solution: to explain to the world where we have come and what, in fact, our true situation is.

The entire world also requires a large correction and feels powerless. This is specifically the moment when we must go out and make a dissemination attack.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/17/14, Shamati #68

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