Scientists Have Recognized The Inevitability Of WWIII

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Adelaide Sigidov, journalist): “Historians have compared the current situation in the world with the events of a century ago and came to the conclusion that the beginning of a new world cannot be avoided. Today, no one wants war, but no country ever wanted a war; nevertheless it occurs – this is a paradox of history. Ambitions are higher than political expediency.

“Starting a war was the idea of punishing a neighboring country. All the countries were sure that they would do very little fighting – that it was in the local interest.

“The USA entered the war after everyone else – and lost only a hundred people, and Europe – 10 million.

“The war led to the destruction of four monarchies, replaced one technological way of life with another.

“The goal of the US is to break up the European Union; with it we are heading toward the third world war. Russia is in a situation similar to that of Germany after its defeat in World War I: a third of its territory has been annexed; it is morally humiliated, penance is being imposed on it; Russia must regain the territories, zones of influence, money. To prevent the onset of World War III, other countries should give it this voluntarily.”

My Comment: Baal HaSulam writes about the third and fourth world wars, which will occur if Jews and Kabbalists cannot cause a positive change in the world by bringing people and nations closer together.

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