Unification Is The Mission Of Israel

Dr. Michael LaitmanRecorded in a Lesson: I finally realize that if there is destruction that is no more than the thickness of a hair’s breadth from our side in the group, or even among the people of Israel, it can cause an immense mountain of problems among the nations of the world. For example, there may be those who would just look at each other sideways in Israel, whereas among them, they would start to kill each other and poison each other with gases over the same thing. That is how all of this develops in their coarse substance.

And so it is understandable that other than connection and unity there is nothing else for us to do. This is because it is like someone who is tirelessly working hard drawing water that is flowing out of a faucet and flooding a room instead of simply turning off this faucet once and for all so that things will be okay.

This unity that must also spread to the nations of the world is the mission of the nation of Israel, then all peoples will stop claiming that they are the source of all the problems of the world!

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