Friends, Don’t Hold The Line!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the nation of Israel were to unite in mutual guarantee, where is the guarantee that it would be able to achieve peace and safety?

Answer: This is the law of nature. Nature put a problem before us, and we, the people, will continue to fail in every way if we do not conform to it. We must attain compatibility and become similar in qualities with nature. When we do not suit it, we fail greatly.

This is especially true of the nation of Israel because it has this method of correction. When it does not do it, it stops everyone standing behind it.

Imagine that there is a line of seven billion people behind you, and you are the first one in line. You are resisting; you do not want to go. All the people are pushing you from behind, and you will not let them pass. This is the state that the nation of Israel is in.

In this way, we are acting against nature. Nature’s common program operates throughout all of evolution from the very moment the universe appeared, from the Big Bang (even the world of Infinity) until today, trying to bring everything into balance. Nature does not tolerate imbalance, and there immediately appears pressure intended to compensate for it. Even Aristotle said: “Nature abhors a vacuum.”

This is why we must carry out the law of nature. If we do, there will be no negative influence over us from anywhere. When we complete our special mission, peace will reign around the world.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/2/2011, Rabash’s article

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