The World’s New Director

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Does a person need to know that he needs mutual guarantee in order to not end up hungry?

Answer: Yes, of course. We have the same problem in the economy today. And if financial experts knew for sure that they would fail to control the bank system without the mutual guarantee, without establishing a connection between them, imagine how eager they would be to finally understand and feel what this precious mutual guarantee is.

A new director came and established a new order between all the world banks, all the exchange houses, and all the funds. And we come to work the day after he did all this and we cannot figure out what’s happening. We try to do something but it doesn’t work, and the next day it doesn’t work either. So what can we do?

And then this director’s messenger comes to explain that there is a completely different approach, a different order, and a new net of connections. Before you used to connect one way, but now you need to do it differently, not the same as before, but in a completely different manner.

And naturally, he explains that first we’ll begin to study about what’s happening, how we can do our work now, where we can find the new control levers, and what we’ll get in return. We need to know that there is a new system called “mutual guarantee,” and we’ll readjust ourselves to correspond to it the same way we used to correspond to the old system. And then we’ll have more success than before; we only need to learn this system.

Today we are discovering that the old system no longer works. Every day it keeps slowing down and dying more, and we don’t know what to do. So, won’t it make you happy to have the reason revealed and explained to you? People visit specialists and pay a lot of money to find out how to deal with problems, establish proper relationships, to create peace at work, at home with their children, and for oneself. And here the same “psychologist” comes to you and explains what is happening. He explains about new relationships that you didn’t know about.

And naturally, we will not be able to succeed without understanding these new relationships between people. If you want to eat every day, you must attain the mutual guarantee to this extent. If you want a more important position, money, or power, you must be in the state of mutual guarantee.

The government is completely losing its power and influence in the modern world. There’s nothing they can do because every government depends on two hundred other governments from around the world. Today, we see that people are stronger than the government. People protest and the government immediately retires. Powerful rulers with strong armies resign and surrender before the people. Everything has turned upside down. This is why this new connection, mutual guarantee, needs to be explained to people.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/2/2011, Rabash’s article

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