Unity Is The Guarantee Of Victory, Part 3

laitman_944Question: How has the worldwide culture influenced the people of Israel and what do we need to restore the confidence in our ancient spirit?

Answer: In the period of exile, the people of Israel for two thousand years evolved together with the other peoples and gave them a lot from its culture, its education, including the calendar, the division of the week into workdays and rest on weekends, and many other things.

But today we have evolved to a unique state where all of humanity must become connected into a single whole. After all, we have locked ourselves into a single network that spans the entire globe as if we are living in one small village. In this circumstance, all of humanity must also connect, not just the people of Israel. Otherwise there will never be a future.

It is not just Europe that must unite into one union, something that it hasn’t succeeded in doing, but the whole world must transform into a single union. But instead of this more and more conflicts and clashes appear. Russia and America have again returned to the Cold War, except that both China and South America have been pulled and drawn into it. The Arab nations are in a state of hostility and hatred towards Israel and among themselves. Conflicts exist everywhere.

That is how the forces that want to distance the nations from each other are acting. But likewise, there is one general force that connects everyone together. It follows that the world must unite; this is its general trend. All of nature ultimately reaches balance and connection.

But the people of Israel are not bringing the force of unification to the world. The force of unification is the force of the Light. It is written that the evil inclination, the egoistic desire that separates people, was created and in addition the Torah, the Light that Reforms, was also given.

The Torah is a unique Light that corrects the force that separates people into a force that connects them. This is the force that is found in the Torah, the force of the Upper Light. We are ready to attract this force. This is a positive energy that exists in nature, but it is necessary to attract it.

If we don’t attract this force into the world, then it will bring its extinction, global wars, and terrible suffering. And the nations of the world feel this and have already begun to blame Israel now by pointing to us as being to blame for the suffering of the world.

Question: Do you want to say that because the people of Israel are not learning Torah they are not allowing the Light to enter the world?

Answer: Under the concept of Torah we mean the wisdom of Kabbalah, which is the true inner part of the Torah. It is simply necessary to learn how the world is built, how a person is built, what kind of Light we must attract. and how we attract it. But in principle, this is talking about connection between people.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/11/14

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