Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 9/7/19, Part 4

595.04Question: When we ask the Creator for the light of correction, through what does He act on us?

Answer: Through the group.

Question: You designated periods of spiritual development: 13 years, 20, 70, and 120. What are these periods?

Answer: These are phases of spiritual development. They have nothing to do with years in our world.

Question: What are they called?

Answer: Conception (Ibur), smallness/infancy (Katnut), greatness/adulthood (Gadlut). You should study Kabbalah.

Question: What is this common leap into spirituality and what is the ultimate effort?

Answer: The common leap into spirituality is simply a leap. It cannot be otherwise. One person cannot do anything, only through a common leap.

The ultimate effort before the leap is when each one annuls himself before others for the sake of the leap.

Question: What is shame? How can one get used to being grateful for the feeling of shame?

Answer: Shame is the feeling of my disparity with the Creator. All the rest is simply feeling upset that I was caught stealing. Real shame is disparity with the Creator.

Question: In one of his letters, Baal HaSulam wrote that he rejoiced in the revealed obstacles and that if you pay attention to them, they will turn into a pile of bones. How can we determine what an obstacle is, and what does it mean to pay attention to it?

Answer: If something stands between my friends and me or between the Creator and me, this is called an obstacle. Then I pay attention to the fact that it bothers me and I turn directly to prayer, to the Creator, and it becomes a “pile of bones.”
From Lesson 5, World Kabbalah Convention in Moldova 9/7/19, Turning to the Creator

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