So That The Concealment Does Not Hide The Creator

260.01Question: What happens when the Creator is revealed with respect to the mind and feelings? Do I fully justify Him or not?

Answer: Naturally you justify the Creator. But the fact is that the revelation happens over the concealment, which does not go anywhere.

Let’s say I reveal something in the actions of the Creator with respect to myself. He appears to me as good who does good, and leads me to the goal. And then this gets hidden from me, and as I enter the concealment, I have to try my best to act as if I am in revelation.

In other words, concealment does not isolate me from the Creator but, on the contrary, makes it possible for me to act as if I am in revelation.

Question: Can I say that I myself conceal the Creator?

Answer: Naturally. My egoism hides Him from me. In the state of revelation, I do not associate myself with my ego and I conceal it from the Creator.

Question: So in double and single concealment, the Creator hides Himself from my egoism?

Answer: There are many different nuances: either the Creator hides Himself from me or hides me from myself.

The fact is that any state consists of four degrees, and we must on each of them establish ourselves as if we are in maximum revelation. Whatever states I go through, I must try to treat everything that happens to me as if I am in full revelation so that no darkness, no concealment, will lower me.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 1/14/19

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