Let The Kind Win, Not The Strong

552.02Question: Multiculturalism is a concept that recognizes that all cultures are equal and have the same right to exist. Do you agree with this statement?

Answer: It depends on which cultures and what they lead us to. I do not believe in pretty words. “Multi” does not exist in nature at all. There is only one upper force in nature. If we want to be like it, then we come to a good denominator. If not, then we come to the bad.

Comment: But there is such a variety in nature!

My Response: This variety only exists in human nature in which the strong always win. If we want to rise above our nature so as not to devour each other, then we need for the kind to win, not the strong. Only then will we be able to survive.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/16/20

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