By The Whip Or Voluntarily?

294.2Question: Failure to comply with moral norms does not entail corporeal punishment, and a person decides for himself whether to follow them or not. Do you think it is necessary to introduce a system of punishments and rewards regarding their implementation?

Answer: I consider it necessary to raise a person to the level where he sees that the implementation of moral standards itself leads one to receive reward or punishment from nature, directly, on the spot.

Question: But since it has not yet happened, is it possible to introduce punishments in the form of a state law?

Answer: Probably you could. But this is not right. This is a policy by the whip. Suppose, you did not give up your seat on public transport to a woman, then a thousand dollars disappears from your account. And if it were a pregnant woman, then ten thousand dollars.

Question: Is it possible to teach a person to comply with norms in this way?

Answer: It is. But it will not correct a person.

Question: What will correct him?

Answer: Only if he consciously, not from fear, realizes that by doing so he is approaching a common force, a common soul.

The method by the whip helps only in the beginning, in order to draw attention to these laws, but not further on.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/9/20

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