What Defines Morality?

600.04Question: The sources of moral norms can be customs, traditions, public opinion, authorities such as Buddha, Socrates, and finally, the person himself. He can also set some moral standards for himself that he has received from society. In your opinion, is the source of a particular moral behavior important?

Answer: The fact is that we exist in a certain system of forces. We do not determine the egoistic qualities within each individual, and therefore, we cannot order and define the relationships between us. They change in the course of our development along the time chain.

Therefore, our morals are based on the conditions in which we are forced to exist. They are the consequence of our historical development.

Question: What is its source? Where do man’s moral principles come from?

Answer: They arise from his egoism because he understands that this is not the way to live that we must live differently. It is better this way than the other way around, and so on.

Egoism determines our morals by bossing us around.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/9/20

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