Different Levels Of Decision Making

583.04Question: Research shows that a small group of ten to forty people can demonstrate true knowledge of complex issues. Therefore, one cannot blindly believe in the wisdom of the crowd. There are matters that need specialists to be solved.

When can the wisdom of the crowd be used to solve problems and when is it collective intelligence? Why, when connected to wisdom, does it take it to a new level? And yet, this is not enough. Does one also need knowledge?

Answer: It depends on what questions you are deciding. You cannot gather a million people who do not understand anything, for example, about construction and expect that they could build a high-rise building. They won’t succeed. And if you bring together several specialists, you will get a positive result.

Therefore, it is necessary to specifically look at what the problem is that you want to solve. One either walks in knowledge or walks in faith above knowledge. If you go in knowledge, you must gather specialists. If you are faced with a task that is practically unattainable, for example, how to cope with the coronavirus, then experts will not be able to help.

We see that this form of epidemic simultaneously affects everyone in the world, It is becoming more and more dominant and spreading throughout the planet. I do not think that we will be able to limit, stop, or kill it in any way.

Then we will have to take into account the wisdom of the crowd. How do we find a solution? It is very simple. If we take a huge number of people without putting them in an office that would exploit their mind and knowledge but would collect them and try to raise them above their level so that they work for unification, then the result will be only unity, an ascent over their personal egoism. Then, they will be able to successfully identify what the problem is.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/25/20

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