Can Moral Norms Keep Us From Self-Destructing?

566.02Question: In animals, everything is for show: fangs, muscles, horns, powerful tails, and hooves. Within each species, these weapons are used instinctively to a limited extent. They can fight for territory, but they don’t just destroy each other. This is how nature itself maintains balance in the animal world.

In humans, the opposite is true. An ugly-looking man with a weapon in his pocket can use it at any moment. How will the moral standards that we have come up with be able to keep us from self-destruction?

Answer: They cannot. Only nature can keep us from doing this. It Will not allow us to achieve complete self-destruction because she has a certain plan.

Question: Is there no such restraining mechanism within people themselves?

Answer: No. We cannot limit ourselves. In our hatred, we reach the point where we want to destroy each other.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/9/20

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