What Is My Calling?

962.2Question: According to research, there are four main forces that enable a person to determine what they are talented for.

First: a positive state. A person experiences strong positive emotions from an action performed with his inner talent. Second: feedback from the environment, external recognition. That is, if a person does something well, then the environment reacts to it and shows him that he will succeed in it. Third: the will of another person or a teacher who is able to evaluate a person and say that he will be talented at this. Fourth: analysis of the results. A person himself, or with the help of others, analyzes his actions and determines that he is more successful in a certain area.

How do I know what my calling is?

Answer: What you are drawn to the most. There is no need for all those clever definitions listed above. Pay attention to what you want and not what you are forced to do.

As a child, my parents wanted very much to make a musician out of me and forced me to study music. I did everything but that. In the end, nothing came out of it. I grew up a normal person, I think not worse than others.

That is why, there is no need to chase after anything, you just simply have to understand what you have inclinations for, what you can do so that life will give you pleasure and you will give pleasure to others.

Question: Do you think that in this way one can come to understand one’s purpose?

Answer: Yes. When you think about how you can be useful to others, but eventually do what you like, then from these two combinations, you can find yourself.

Question: And how to sort out the huge number of influences from others?

Answer: Do not listen to anyone! No one knows you and no one can give you any advice. Think about what you would like to do, what is closer to you, and how you can give pleasure to others with your profession or craft. And you will be happy.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 11/6/20

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