How To Develop One’s Inclinations?

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe environment determines what inclinations are more developed in a person (pertaining to the animal body or to the level of man), how we use them, and which of them we develop to a greater or lesser degree.

If parents place a child into an environment where, say, science is valued above everything else, then it’s no surprise that the child too gets imbued with its importance and begins to understand that development in that direction is an extremely important and honorable pursuit. And even though until then he had only rudimentary inclinations for science, say, he merely wanted to learn some interesting things from life (which basically is a commonly shared desire), under the influence of the environment, these abilities developed in him in a special way.

In other words, the surrounding environment can alter the balance of my inclinations within me and to develop some of them more than others.

I experienced this myself. My parents really wanted me to develop my abilities to the fullest, as best as possible, and for that reason they signed me up for various athletic clubs. I was a runner, doing the 500-meter dash. Later they sent me to a music school, and there I made my acquaintance with classical music, which to this day I esteem, love, and understand more than all the other types of music.

But my parents didn’t really place special importance on theatre, for example, and therefore I didn’t develop in that direction. But science and technology were very important both to my parents and to me. I had a natural inner impulse to engage in science. And I remember that I myself went to join children’s clubs where much attention was paid to the study of physics, astronomy, and other sciences. I gave all my strength and knowledge to this.

In other words, a child develops under the influence of the environment: the influence of parents, the surrounding environment, the place where the child lives, and the opportunities that it offers. Ultimately, all this develops a person in a diverse way; moreover, part of his inclinations develop more, some less, while others get suppressed altogether.

The environment in which a person is born and develops throughout their childhood exercises, restricts, and forms their free choice. And a person continues his life like this. I wouldn’t even say that we have free choice in this. Maybe there is some, but even whatever is there we take from our environment. It’s a matter of fashion or friends who happen to be near a person as if by accident and instill certain values into him.

We also need to acknowledge the importance of the experience we accumulated in all our previous lives, of the so-called reincarnations from which we receive Reshimot (informational genes). Going from incarnation to incarnation, a person carries over with him his entire accumulated potential of development. In other words, after being born, a person doesn’t only develop through the influence of an increasingly modern society, but inside a human being new inclinations appear from generation to generation, which we call the informational genes (Reshimot), and he or she develops under their influence. This is especially felt in our time.

If we look at children, we see that they quickly grasp anything modern much better than we do; it’s as though they were born already prepared for it, having made the necessary clarifications and possessing the qualities that help them perceive the modern world. After all, look at how skillfully they manage with computers, mobile phones, and other innovations! But with us everything is different. If I ever need to figure out some new technology, I rely more on my children. It’s as if they already have an approach to it, they seem to have an inborn ability to sense the nature of these new things and understand how to work with them completely naturally. It’s as if these are “indigo children” or aliens from another planet!

Taking these children as an example, we can see that evidently, there exist informational genes, Reshimot, that evolve and are passed down from generation to generation. We call this process reincarnation, but in reality, there is nothing mystical about it.

As we are discovering today, we are all connected to each other, and between us there exists a certain common field, akin to a gravitational or electromagnetic field. This is a field of thoughts and desires that ties us all together above time and distance. We exist within this field and in this manner transfer to each other, or from generation to generation, the information acquired by us. Therefore, it’s not surprising that our physical bodies, existing within this field, detect new information, and so a new generation immediately becomes prepared to correctly enter a new epoch.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 3, 12/29/11

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