Hollywood Is Changing The Rules

552.02Comment: The American film academy has decided that as of 2025 movies that are nominated for the Oscar under the category of the best motion picture will have to meet certain requirements with regard to race, ethnicity, and gender.

The academy has set four standards, one of which is that the leading characters will have to be representatives of an ethnic group or a minority group and 30% of all the actors in secondary roles and other roles also have to be from the same category. What is more, members of the same category also have to be members of management, and so on, and only films that will meet these criteria will be eligible for an Oscar.

My Response: And if the crew in the film is all like that, from the top of the Academy to the janitor, then the film will not work? If all are played by African Americans, Asians and one hapless white man who sweeps the floor. Will it fail?

Question: It turns out that such a film will not meet the criteria because it does not meet the requirements. How do you relate to such things?

Answer: It is insanity.

Question: According to what assumption should the members of the academy work? Today they assume that everyone should be seen and that no one should be forgotten.

Answer: No, we need to demand that movie directors and producers make good realistic films that should touch people. They should not choose the actors because they are white, black, red, etc.

There should be such movies that we will not even notice the actors’ skin color. The world of motion pictures should be a world that does not take a person’s skin color into account, or you may choose an actor not according to his skin color, not because it is the main thing, but because this actor can play the role better. You shouldn’t speak about skin color first. You relate to his spiritual level or to the level of his acting.

If that’s the case, there will be regression and directors will certainly begin to compete between them.

Comment: Producers will surely meet these criteria in order to receive subsidies so that the film will succeed in the Oscars.

My Response: When they apply to the academy, it should not be that I have a certain number of white actors and a certain number of black actors, and a certain number of redheads, and so on.

Question: So what principles should be followed so that a movie can win the Oscar?

Answer: I would give an Oscar only a year after the movie has been released, for example, and then have a global vote, since such a form of art should be understood by everyone.

Question: Should there be certain rules as to which movie can win an Oscar? What should be special about it?

Answer: It should just not lead a person to perform some act of violence as a result of watching this movie.

Question: Do you mean that there should be no violence in movies?

Answer: Perhaps there should be, since it can be just the opposite, when a person sees acts of violence, he may feel repulsed by it. But just so that it doesn’t drive a person to such actions.

Question: What message should a movie convey?

Answer: It should convey a humane message only.

Question: What do you mean by that?

Answer: A movie that calls for connection between people, that everyone is equal, to ascend above any differences, and also against any racist views.

Do you want there to be order? We need education, and Hollywood is not education.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/14/20

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