And Suddenly, Came A Virus And Stopped Hollywood

laitman_547.05Comment: The whole world has a problem with Hollywood. For several months now the industry has been shut down, movie-theaters are vacant, all the money that has been invested is frozen or lost. So, all the superheroes are afraid of this 60-micron virus.

600 shows that were supposed to be produced are now all being put on hold. The Oscars ceremony has been postponed.

What is more, Hollywood is facing a dilemma with respect to script writing: “Our manner of story-telling will forever change. Everything prior to the pandemic will seem outdated.”

My Reply: Naturally. People all over the world have changed a lot.

Comment: People used to believe the Hollywood stories, all these soap operas, and TV shows. And suddenly, such a disaster hits that aims them to seek the truth, the essence, something which is quite different.

My Reply: We have entered a new world. We are already different.

Question: So, what would we like to see? I am interested as a producer. What screen play would appeal to us? What would the world want to see? How will it change Hollywood?

Answer: I have never written any scripts.

Comment: But you are a great playwright, seriously!

My Reply: But those are not my ideas! I take them from the sources.

Comment: We are living the script of the Last Generation.

My Reply: Yes. That screenplay is now being implemented. Schwarzenegger can fight for the truth here too. It is a fight against egoism, which is holding us all by the throat, not allowing us to breathe.

And until we grab this scrawny old woman by the hand and rip her throat, nothing will change. She will keep pressuring us all the time, again and again.

Humanity will have to do it.

Comment: So, you believe that such a hero will appear?

My Reply: There must be a hero. We need a hero.

The hero is the Creator. But we need that hero to be someone we can love, hate, agree or disagree with, be disillusioned with, only to later realize that it was all Him! HIM!

Question: But do you feel that this hero is moving toward the Creator? Do you really think that the time of such a hero is approaching?

Answer: We are already in it. I am completely serious. We do not feel this yet because, as usual, we only see things in retrospect. But we are already in it, absolutely! Moreover, it is very clear externally and internally. The first wave of the coronavirus has already passed and all we see now are the remains of it. This wave has passed and we are already thinking and feeling differently; everything is different.

The virus passes through us as we cope with our own sickness. We see the world differently; we do not realize it yet but the awareness of how much we have changed and how differently we view everything now will come. Thus, the first wave has already passed.

Question: Do you think that the time of reveling in those “soap operas” with fights and violence in the movies is gradually passing?

Answer: You can even see this in the youth that was still interested in it a mere half-a-year ago. You can see if they are still interested in it today. I am confident that they no longer are. And the pre-teens that are growing up will have no interest in it. It would seem to them as an antiquated Hollywood of the last century.

Question: You think they will be looking for something beyond this fighting, this violence?

Answer: They will be looking for a greater action. And the greater action is already inside. It is not in fighting, not in throwing someone off the 20th floor and he grabs the landing gear of an airplane and flies off. The need will be beyond the mechanical action, beyond the imagery or the framework of this world. It will be internal.

Question: Internal scrutiny?

Answer: Yes. Or it could be a war like the coronavirus is fighting against us. And so, our hero gets accustomed to it and travels inside the human body, inside the human society, fighting this virus that wants to smite humanity. And our hero is against it.

And then he perhaps begins to realize that he should not be fighting against it because everything that the virus does is good.

It was only I who thought that it needed to be destroyed. No! We must help the virus destroy human egoism. It only aims to destroy the ego and not to harm humanity. On the contrary, it is saving humanity.

Comment: So, man realizes the positive mission of this virus, which is aimed against human egoism. And if we renounce it…

Answer: One suddenly realizes that if not for this virus, we would be headed toward the destruction of our planet. Had the virus not come to us now, we would have surely destroyed it in the very near future.

It actually sounds like a great title: “And Suddenly, Came a Virus.”
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 4/27/20

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