The Ability To Manage Good And Evil

944Question: Can I manage good and evil if I work in the group?

Answer: Yes, and it is actually because you are in a group. It can be a virtual group and not necessarily a physical one, but you must be connected to others. By establishing the right connection between you, you can operate in mutuality with the Creator. The Creator is the upper force that affects us regularly, while the group is the minimal system that can perceive His impact correctly.

If there are imbalances in the relations between the friends in the group, you will feel the Creator’s impact as negative. If you don’t establish the right connection between you, you will always be under such an impact. But if the connection in the group is correct, you will feel the Creator’s impact as good, as an impact that leads you toward the goal.

You will reach a state in which you, the group, and the Creator are in continuous contact, in mutual connection, moving toward the goal. This is your common spiritual work.

The group changes all the time as a result of all the impressions of the friends in the group, which always stem from the Creator’s leadership since “there is none else besides Him.” This is how you constantly draw closer to Him by trying to connect as much as you can each and every moment in order to justify the Creator’s impact on you.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 10/14/18

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