Feel The Creator’s Game

laitman_934Question: There are events we perceive as right or wrong, good or evil. Does it depend on our perception? Or is there a system of good and evil?

Answer: Evil does not exist. And the so-called negative effects are needed only to push us toward the goal of creation, to set us in motion.

If you feel any impact on yourself, you should first relate it to the Creator and try to unite with your friends even more despite this influence. And then, look at what happens with the negative impact: does it remain or gradually disappear like fog. From this, you will begin to experience the Creator’s game. This is not psychology but forces that act in nature.

So first try to resolve any negative effects in the group, in greater connection with each other.

This is what we do at every daily Kabbalah lesson. Watch our lessons sometimes even if at first they seem difficult, confusing, too private to you. In these lessons we study the impact of the Creator on us and our correct reaction, which leads us to the goal—to the revelation of the Creator.

To reveal the Creator is to reveal the system of governance, to reveal the cause of what is happening in us, with us, yesterday, tomorrow, before life, after death, etc. This is the subject of the science of Kabbalah.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/14/18

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