The Evolution Of The World Is Our Inner Development

928There is a very important clarification to the modern, materialistic perception of reality according to which the world is the result of evolution, the gradual development of matter from the atom. This is how modern man thinks based on the scientific achievements of the 20th century.

But The Study of the Ten Sefirot explains that all of reality was created by one thought, which continues to operate. “In essence, this thought is the cause, and the action, and the expected reward, and the essence of all effort.”

That is, everything was created in an instant by the desire of the Creator who is perfect, does not divide into parts, and does not create anything incomplete. There is no gradual evolution along the chain of cause and effect with respect to the Creator.

Evolution is revealed only in relation to us as a manifestation of His perception, His picture, His reality, which is all absolutely perfect and never needed to be formed, established, and progress from an intermediate state to a final one. All this happens only in relation to creation.

The correct attitude to reality should be such that everything has already been created and there is not a single incomplete detail from the beginning of creation to the final correction. Everything exists as one perfect reality, which is the Creator Himself. He only wanted the creatures to reveal Him in an independent process of comprehension.

To the extent of their abilities and desires, creations will pass this path of spiritual, internal development. But in the end, we reveal the already existing reality, as it is said: “And you shall eat old store long kept” Therefore, we should change our purely materialistic perception of reality according to which the world is in the process of free development and imagine it as the system of Adam HaRishon—the only thing that exists. Everything is included in this system of the common soul. And its breaking, concealment, and gradual disclosure occur only in relation to the person who attains it.

But in fact, outside of man, there is only infinite light that exists in absolute perfection, not subject to any changes.

The whole difference is in my perception of reality: do I feel only myself as a part of the world, and this is an illusory picture I have invented, or do I feel the whole system of creation, that is, the existence of a higher power, the Creator, which includes everything—EVERYTHING—meaning the Creator or the system of the common soul of Adam. When we perceive the Creator and attain His revelation, we are called man, Adam, that is, like (Edomeh) the upper force.

People (sons of Adam) are those parts of creation that want to reveal the perfect form, the general system in which the Creator is revealed.

If we do not perceive ourselves as part of the general system of Adam, then we have no connection with the spiritual world, with the Creator. Therefore, the correct development begins with constantly existing in the general system as an integral, closed sphere beside which nothing exists.

This perception of reality determines the whole difference between the material and the spiritual. Do we believe that reality is developing or that an already existing reality is revealed. This is a very big difference because in the first case, we perceive reality as imperfect and evolving gradually evolving.

And in the second case, reality is gradually revealed to us, and we call this the process of evolution. But this evolution is the disclosure of a genuine, unchanging, existing reality, created instantly at the request of the Creator, as it is said: “One thought was created and created the entire universe, which is the cause, and action, and expected reward, and the essence of all efforts,” that is, it includes absolutely everything.

This reality already exists and only manifests itself to us in the measure of our efforts to reveal it, that is, in the measure of the similarity of our properties. The difference between the egoistic and the true perception of the world is precisely how we experience this reality. If I want to determine my own spiritual development, then I must say that everything depends on me, on my correct efforts. Therefore, evolution is my internal development.

And in essence, I do not develop but only unlock the forces within myself, the tools for revealing the already existing reality. This is the difference between individualistic, deceitful, selfish perception, and the general, true, spiritual one.

If we perceive reality as complete and perfect, then it turns out that it depends only on our efforts to unite in order to match this perfection. And then we will reveal the reality in which we exist and see a new world.

We did not build this new world, but through developing our desires and properties, we reveal what exists between us, around us, and inside of us. It all depends on how much our desire from personal and individualistic becomes more and more general, social. This allows us to find ourselves within one large social system where everything is interconnected and is in unity.

If in the connection between us we create new sensory organs for the perception of reality, then it turns from hidden to revealed.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/23/20, “I Dwell Among My People”

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