Turning Over The Pages Of My Soul

622.02We must see all relationships between us as coming from the Creator, from the general force. However, I can work with some relationships and I cannot work with others. According to this, I must either get closer to people or distance myself from such relationships.

As much as possible, sooner or later, I try to relate to everyone with love. This is how I sort the whole world: something is closer, the other thing is farther. First of all, I build relationships with my friends in the ten. Then we can expand this circle to the worldwide Kabbalistic group, both men and women. And then, I extend this attitude to the whole world, to all of humanity, and then to all of nature in general.

The main thing is to every moment position myself in the center of reality and strive to relate to it as the Creator, that is, to develop myself into a man, Adam. Therefore, I always check whether I am similar to the Creator or not, as if turning over pages within myself, figuring out what I am composed of, how to arrange my attitude to everything, how to aim myself, and whether to come closer or to distance myself.

Through this inner work, I calibrate my instruments of perception, my soul, my inner violin, so that only a good melody sounds from me in relation to everyone. This is how I become a man, Adam, similar to the Creator.

This is a long path, but we can move forward step by step because we are already ready for this work. The whole world needs it since it is driven to despair by the coronavirus pandemic. Gradually, people will begin to realize that there is no choice, that we must relate to each other in a good way, which is the correction of the world.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/25/20, “Concealment”

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