By Raising Ourselves, We Raise The World

934After the lesson, we go out into the wide world, and the whole world, all of humanity, the whole Kli of Adam HaRishon, enters between us, the ten friends. The world begins to flow inside the ten, between the friends with whom I have connected, and brings its thoughts and desires to us.

We must feel the desires of the world; otherwise, we will not be able to achieve general correction. We must understand that this is not politics, not economics, but that the huge desire of the common soul of Adam HaRishon enters between us and influences us so that we return to unity over these obstacles. Despite the added egoism, we connect again with even greater strength.

The impressions from the big world should not push us apart. We absorb from the world only those impressions with which we can then work to correct.

If we do not break the connection with each other, then the whole big world, which influences us during the day, will properly connect to us, and we will be able to correct it. And by correcting the world within ourselves, we cause its changes outside because a connection has already emerged between the internal and the external.

If the world cannot divide us and tear us apart from each other in the ten during the day, then we transmit our union to it and thereby correct the world. It gradually turns into a part of our spiritual Partzuf, its ending (Sof). We cannot yet actively work with it, but it is already becoming a useful part of the Partzuf.

So day by day, we absorb new desires from the world and transmit the power of unity to it. All humanity belongs to one Kli, one soul. By trying to unite in the ten, we thereby build the inner part of the spiritual vessel and the head (Toch and Rosh). And all other people who have not yet come to unity are the end of the Partzuf (Sof). Therefore, we must unite these desires.

We live in the time of general correction, and we must think about the whole world. Therefore, we are among people, in contrast to the Kabbalists of the past who lived in a cave as hermits, in small settlements. Kabbalists have always strived for solitude because there was still no requirement to work to correct the world.

But we live in a different time and whether we like it or not, we get impressions from the whole world. During the day, we absorb its desires and must process them. And when we then unite in the ten, we must take into account that our unification also includes the desires received from the world. And when we go back to the wide world, we influence it with corrected desires, and the world changes and moves toward the realization of correction and unification.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/1/20, “Work with Faith Above Reason”

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