Criteria For Spiritual Advancement

557True spiritual sensation depends only on the extent of our closeness and connection in the ten. Only by the force of our connection do we come closer to the Creator and receive from this action a spiritual result, a feeling of spirituality.

The difference between the connection we had before and the connection that we achieve now gives a sense of spiritual advancement. Therefore, we should care only about this and focus only on this. If I did not advance to a stronger connection with my friends in the ten, I did not fulfill my duty in correction. In other words, I did not live in the spiritual world, but only in the corporeal world.

The difference between corporeality and spirituality is determined by what exactly I want to promote in my existence: either my current mind and feelings or our connection in order to rise to the spiritual mind and feelings, that is, to faith above reason.

We cannot ascend to spirituality at the expense of corporeality but only above it by faith above reason. We do not need to take anything from this world except disturbances that we turn into spiritual Kelim by rising above them. And if I cling to this world and break away from the group, then I did not have the right connection with my friends. After all, when I come to the group, I forget about this world for a while.

I need to constantly feel connected to the group and let the corporeal world invade my spiritual world, the group, only when I allow it. I should not fall under its power so that it absorbs me and controls me. I set priorities in such a way that spiritual development is more important than corporeal existence.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/1/20, “Work with Faith Above Reason”

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