What Is Faith Above Reason?

610.2What is faith above reason? Why do we need to annul our minds and feelings in order to enter the spiritual world, and what will we receive instead? This is a legitimate question because a person begins to feel that he must change himself and turn into something else.

If we cannot use our corporeal mind and even more so our egoistic heart in the spiritual world, what else do we have left? How can we build a Kli to feel the upper world, to feel the Creator, how do we form a new mind and feelings at a higher degree?

We see how much different levels human, animal, plant, and inanimate matter differ from each other even in this world. Each level of development is characterized by its own mind, feelings, form, behavior, and freedom of movement. The more developed a creature is, the greater its mind, feelings, and ability to connect with its surroundings. And when we enter spirituality, we enter a new environment, a field of forces of bestowal, not reception.

There are four types of forces of reception that are revealed in our world. There are three degrees: inanimate, vegetative, and animate, and also human, which is a transitional stage to the next level, the inanimate, vegetative, and animate degree of the spiritual world. Adam, the man of the upper world, is already a state of adhesion with the Creator.

It turns out that we are moving from one world to another, and we must exit our previous mind and feelings to achieve this. It does not mean that we are left without mind and heart—we receive new mind and feelings, spiritual ones that are built on the forces of bestowal, Bina. Bina is a combination of the will to receive that comes from below with the upper light coming from above. Together they build a new form called Bina that is located in the middle between Keter and Malchut.

In this way, we form a new perception called faith (the degree of Bina) above reason,  above our egoism, the will to receive. We build this new mind and feelings through all sorts of forms of connection between us. And in this “They helped every one his friend.” When we exit our egoism toward each other, we reveal this degree of faith, that is, bestowing to the other above reason, above the egoistic feeling of our “I.”

Eventually, in this aspiration I must feel everyone except myself. It is as if my “I” does not exist; rather, everyone else exists except me. Then I will feel in these others the upper force, the Creator.

Only in connection, in the single Kli, is the single upper force revealed. This work begins with seemingly simple mechanical actions, with virtual communication. Yet, by doing this, we express our desire to rise above our current mind and feelings and acquire a common mind and feelings so that the Creator will be revealed within us, as it is written: “I dwell among my own people,” among all those who unite in one aspiration to Him.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/2/20,“Work With Faith Above Reason”

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