The Ten Is A Standard Spiritual Vessel

934Spirituality is different from corporeality. In corporeality, the size of a vessel is usually measured by quantity: one liter, two, three, thousand, etc. The larger the volume of the vessel, the larger the vessel is. But in spirituality, the size of a vessel is determined not by its volume, but by the number of different properties that increase its resolution: the number of pixels.

Therefore, in corporeality, a single person can be very smart and elevated. But in spirituality, the connection with the ten means much more, which gives a huge spiritual addition. The number of different properties acquired from connection with other people determines the size of my spiritual vessel (Kli).

Therefore, advancement in spirituality means that the number of people with whom we connect, the number of souls, desires, and opinions that we include, grows. This is a qualitative difference between somebody who is considered great in the corporeal world and in the spiritual world.

In the corporeal world, I expand my own vessel into which I can receive more and more. But if I want to increase my vessel in spirituality, then I must include additional desires that are different from mine, and by this I increase my Kli.

Ten people, “the ten” is a standard spiritual Kli in which I do not cancel, do not suppress, and do not repulse anyone, but unite everyone on absolutely equal terms. This means that I do not even evaluate them in order to equalize, but everything is equalized by the upper light; it unites the friends in my mind and heart in absolute harmony and merger and turns them into my spiritual Kli.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/13/20, “From the Prayer of the Ten to Its Prayer for the World” (Preparation for the Virtual Convention “A New World” 2020)

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