The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed

530Although I have not yet revealed the spiritual world, I am glad that I do not live as an ordinary person in this world, but work in a Kabbalistic group. The Creator brought me to the group and said: “Choose this good fate!”

In other words, He prepared and revealed to me my place in the eternal system where we all exist. I am honored that the Creator purposely takes care of me and holds my hand, brings me to the group every day just as my mother took me to the kindergarten for the first time.

The Creator brings me there and says: “Here is your group, connect with them and within this connection, you will begin to reveal Me. I cannot do more for you than bring you to the group. Everything else you have to do inside it, and we will meet with you in this group. I will be revealing myself within it in different ways: as a teacher, as a friend, but if you connect with this group, you will begin to reveal Me and grow in spirituality.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/2/20, “Work with Faith Above Reason”

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