The Group Is Salvation

laitman_530If I do not see any flaws in my friends, but only virtues, this is a sign that I have reached correction. First, I must go by faith above reason in order to consider friends absolutely corrected, despite the fact that I do not see them that way.

And then I understand that the inability to see them perfect is exactly what I have to fix. Friends are like a mirror in which I see all my qualities.

It follows that the group is salvation. After all, the most important thing in healing is the correct diagnosis. It is not without a reason that so much attention is now being paid to testing for coronavirus to determine whether a person has it or not.

And if the group helps me reveal my diseases, then it does the most important thing. After that, I can work with that same group, correcting my deficiencies. It is clearly seen that by coming closer to love of friends and connection, I correct myself and cure my egoism.

So you can go all the way from beginning to end, each time checking yourself against the group: How much do I criticize my friends, how dissatisfied am I with them, and how imperfect are they in my eyes?

When I see them perfect and standing in my heart, that would mean that I have corrected myself. It doesn’t matter what is outside of me. The whole calculation is only with myself: how deficient I am and how much I can correct myself. But this only applies to relationships in the Kabbalistic group. And except for that love for friends, in everything else we must behave as is customary among all the people in our world.

I want to see all friends equal and great, and I ask the Creator for this. I want to feel the friends as standing in my heart, merged and united like one body, one person, and I am standing with them. My heart holds them, embraces them, and is filled with them.

And if I master such an attitude to perfection, I will reveal that all this is one shared heart inside me and it is filled with the Creator, His love and bestowal. Thanks to this approach, I will begin to reveal the spiritual world.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/30/20, Writings of Rabash, “Concerning the Importance of Friends”

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