Everyone Is Responsible For Fixing The Whole World

929If I correct myself, I will see that everyone else is already completely corrected. It all depends on my correction. But in order for me to correct myself, I must reach out to everyone and try to convince them that they all need correction.

Everything that happens around me is my projection. I do not see them, I see myself. There are eight billion people in the world, but they are all parts of me. I am Adam HaRishon, the first person, and everyone is included in me. Therefore, I am responsible for correcting the whole world. And everyone should think like that!

The external fix is that I reach out to everyone and urge them to correct themselves. And the inner correction is that I correct myself, my attitude to the world, in order to treat everyone well.

And until I correct myself both internally and externally, so that I can see everyone corrected, there will be no end of correction in the world.
From the Lesson for Women 11/1/20

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