How To Find Way Into The Book Of Zohar

65Question: What will help us “get into” The Book of Zohar and understand it?

Answer: It is not so easy to get into this book. It is really secret, concealed. For thousands of years, no one could open it. As it happens, something exists, but hands do not reach it. But in our time, we are beginning to uncover it.

To uncover does not mean to understand the language in which it is written. To uncover The Book of Zohar means to bring yourself into its narrative, inside it.

Let’s say in childhood you pick up a book, for example, In Search of the Castaways, and when you read about their adventures, you enter them, sail with them on a ship, travel around the world: Patagonia, the tribes, and you are there with them.

But mom tells you “It’s time for bed.” You are forced to close the book, and you are already back at home, in your bed, falling asleep and breaking away from this fairy-tale world that was invented by somebody.

As children, we very often continue to live with the book’s characters, in some way we as if play these roles, talk like them. But then it passes. Life takes its toll. We develop more serious desires, more serious relationships. We are more connected with life than with books. Thus, the period when we live in books passes.

But not here. On the contrary, it turns out that you enter into The Book of Zohar and you live in it, and as if you lead a double life. On one hand, you live in our normal world. It is normal because that is how we are used to treating it, as perfectly normal, like all people do.

And at the same time, you exist in another dimension to which this book is gradually introducing you, to a world that does exist, not in your imagination. It is even brighter, more vivid, more powerful, more defining than the world you live in.

Moreover, you begin to understand, realize, feel, and see that the world you are now revealing actually controls this small world that you previously thought was the only one that exists.

When you close The Book of Zohar, the world that you entered does not disappear. After all, every time you open it, you perceive this world even more deeply, you open this world in yourself even deeper, you begin to feel that you already exist in it.

That is, the world that is revealed to you through The Book of Zohar exists here, along with this world. You feel it, see it, and interact with it. Every time it becomes clearer and richer. And you live in it.

It turns out that this is not a double, conditionally divided life, but both worlds mutually complement each other. However, the world that is now revealed to you is more majestic, strong, defining, and higher. All the powers come from it and control your little previous life.

Question: As a result, do I begin to identify more with this serious, big world?

Answer: This happens gradually because you see that everything is determined at the upper level, in the upper world. Our world is inside it. It follows as a consequence of the upper world, and you can already see how people and all sorts of events are determined precisely from it. It seems that a person is standing, then he moves, then he does or says something. And you see how they move him, do things through him, and talk through him.
From KabTVs “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #1

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