Concealment Is A Place For Revealing The Actions Of Connection

276.04We must constantly scrutinize where the concealment is working. After all, our whole world is a concealment of the upper force, the force of connection and unity, which we need to reveal.

The revelation of the Creator is nothing more than the revelation of unity, connection, a warm attitude, love, connection between the broken pieces of the common soul, and the desire to bring them closer to me as well as to bring them closer together.

Here we have actions that a person performs on himself, and actions that a person performs relative to other people so that he gets integrated with everybody and develops. As a result, everyone understands that he is the messenger of the Creator. Through this work, by serving as an example of connection for others and helping them come closer, he performs the correction of creation.

The world has entered an era of correction, which became clear with the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Gradually, it is becoming more and more apparent that connection is the only thing our world needs. All the states we go through, on one hand, conceal from us the force of connection, and on the other hand, reveal the need for it. This is how we will gradually reveal the Creator.

We should not wait for the Creator to reveal Himself. This force of connection can be revealed only if we ourselves prepare a platform for it, establish the place where it should be revealed, as it is said “You have made Me.”

It is written “They helped everyone his friend,” that is, everyone shows the others how much he cares about and yearns for connection. As soon as we reach a certain feeling of unity, it immediately disappears and turns into even greater disconnection than before in order to give us an opportunity to connect even more strongly. In this way, we can quickly go through all the states, through the continuous starts and stops, put together all the disconnections and connections, and reach the end of correction.

This does not need many words; everyone just needs to do their own inner work. Therefore, the work of a Kabbalist is called the concealed Torah because it is not visible to others. However, he tries to behave in any situation as if the Creator is revealed before him.

We need to constantly awaken our friends to search for any opportunity to connect with each other even more, like hard working ants. This is how we will discover the network of our connections, Divinity (Shechina), and begin to work in an organized way, seeing what each one is doing to connect everyone to this common field, to the system of Adam HaRishon.

The main thing is to treat concealment as a place for revealing the actions of connection.

Imagine yourself in a world where a force of nature called connection exists between all parts of creation; it binds together atoms, molecules, living organisms, inanimate matter, plants, animals, people, gases, liquids, and solid objects. All this is connected by one force, and people are also internally connected to each other.

We want to reveal this force of general connection. We need nothing else. If we begin to discover this force that binds all parts of reality, we will understand the general law by which the entire universe operates and through what states it is going through: what was, what is, and what will be.

According to our connection, we will be able to influence the speed of development of the entire creation and see it as one single system, increasingly healthy and kind, good for everybody, where each one receives energy and strength from.

All this depends only on revealing the connection between all the parts, and we are responsible for it. The world will look more divided, fragmented, and broken every day. And all this is so that we could show the world the ways of connection up to its highest point, which is love.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/27/20, “Concealment”

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