Concealment Teaches Us How To Correct Ourselves

238.01We are in a special reality that entirely hides the Creator. But if we relate to it correctly, then through all its levels: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human, we gradually find out that the Creator wants us to reveal Him.

This concealment teaches us how to correct ourselves in order to reveal the Creator, not to remain in blind faith, but to attain the upper force explicitly and openly, to come from concealment to revelation. Therefore, we must perceive this world as an opportunity to reveal the Creator. Behind the material world, we will begin to reveal the spiritual world, its many stages, and each time rise from concealment to revelation.

Through such exercises, organized by the Creator from the beginning of creation to the end, we gain reason and sensations, learn how the Creator hides and how to reveal Him, and through concealment and revelation we understand what He wants to tell us.

It is known that “the advantage of light is perceived from darkness,” but darkness is the first attainment. Only within it do we begin to reveal the light and the Creator, learn His language, the letters—a point, a line, a circle, a triangle, a crossbar—different forms of darkness and light, revealed one against the other.

In this way, we gradually gain understanding and start to speak with the Creator in the same language, to master His program, according to which we must build ourselves in order to understand Him, feel and become His partners, sons in the entire universe, in all forms of His concealment and revelation.

In the end, all concealments only support revelation. The concealment does not disappear, but becomes a background on which we reveal the upper force and incorporate the darkness and light in ourselves and reach our end of correction.

Concealment is perceived against the background of revelation, and revelation against the background of concealment. The main thing is to be in both states and be able to move from one to the other and back on your own, and so begin to understand the Creator’s message, His language, and know what He wants to tell us.

The whole creation consists of two forces: plus and minus, light and darkness, which manifest themselves in relation to us as concealment and revelation. That is why it is so important in every state we go through, every day and every moment, not to turn away from the situation in order to see that it has the measure of concealment, and the measure of revelation in it.

The main thing is not to forget that we stand directly in front of the Creator, who always draws us a world woven of concealment and revelation. As if writing black letters on a white sheet of paper, the Creator reveals to us His attitude, His nature, so that we study Him, learn to understand, cooperate, and so achieve adhesion with Him.

All our lives, in any situation, we must remember that we are present with some concealment and some revelation of the Creator, and by combining these two forms, He draws the world and our sense of ourselves for us. Then we will know the right way to turn deeper inside to Him, to feel not ourselves in our world, but the Creator, that is, how He builds us and our world.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/29/20, “Concealment”

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