Work On Yourself To Be In Joy

576.01Comment: In Kabbalah, it is believed that joy is an indicator of the right path.

My Response: We are talking about a Kabbalist: if he moves correctly, then he is in joy.

Question: How can I be in joy if I am an egoist and the Creator demands some kind of altruistic actions from me?

Answer: This means that you lack faith, the property of bestowal, the property of belonging to a group, to the Creator. But when you try to enter them, to dissolve in them, you feel joy that you have where to enter, what to dissolve in, what to surrender to.

Comment: Suppose I study and study and still do not feel joy.

My Response: It means that you are not working on it. This is a big problem.

Question: How should I work?

Answer: You should imagine that you are in such a state, in a group, in the world, where you have everything in order to attain the revelation of the Creator, and He is waiting for this, He wants this. You are one of the few chosen whom He attracts to Himself.

Question: But this is against the law of nature. How can I be in joy in my egoistic qualities from spiritual states whose nature is opposite to mine?

Answer: The point is that one should receive joy not from the inner light (Ohr Pnimi), but from the surrounding light (Ohr Makif),  from the future state to which you strive.

Imagine that in a month you are going to travel to some country where you have not been, with your friends. And from this you already have a feeling of joy. When you are thinking about it, you are delighted, you are joyful about the future.

This is how we should imagine our entire future because it is really huge, pleasant, and fills everything.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/3/19

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