The Beginning Of Attaining The Creator

294.4Question: In our world, all of humanity has a common understanding of what faith is. You have been told something, and although you have not seen it, do not feel it, and do not attain it, you believe in it. And knowledge is what we attain in our five senses.

But Kabbalah studies a state called faith above reason. What does it mean?

Answer: In Kabbalah everything is absolutely different from this world. The state of faith above reason comes to a person after a period of rather hard work when he begins to understand what Kabbalah says about our world and the spiritual world.

Doing certain exercises, a person begins to feel that everything that happens to him comes from some upper force, upper intelligence, upper will, and follows a certain program that can be called the Creator, the Creator’s desire, the Creator’s plan. And then a person sees that he has practically only one action left in our world—to connect all his sensations with the Creator. And he is gradually does so.

He ascribes everything that happens around him to the upper force, not because it is written to do so, but because he begins to feel that there is a certain tendency, meaning, and purpose in this—in all cases of life to direct a person to only one source, the Creator.

As a rule, a person begins to experience all sorts of unpleasant sensations, threats, fears, and defeats in his egoism, in his pride, and in his self-awareness. He feels the hostility of the world toward him emanating from various sources. And then, behind all these sources, he begins to see a certain system of forces called the “Creator,” which works on a person in this way so that he is directed at Him. That is, behind all the variety of inanimate, vegetative, and animal nature there is some kind of a force, a plan, a program; there is a single source.

And the force itself is hidden from a person. It deliberately manifests itself to him in such a way that he looks at its direction. What does it mean at its direction? It is not clear yet. It is just that in everything that happens to him, he becomes used to seeing the single source.

Making efforts in this, a person, as it were, rises to another level of attitude toward what is happening in the world, in the universe, to what is  called faith above reason.

Reason is what a person can feel in his five senses in our world, like all other people. And faith is the ability to relate everything that happens to him to the next level, to a certain force, which in this way gradually educates him.

Initially, this is just a sensation because a person does not yet exactly attain the source itself. He cannot say anything about Him except one thing: it is the source that sends him all the trials. And above the trials, the same source helps a person turn to Him.

Thus, He directs a person to Himself: “Pay attention to Me. You receive everything from Me. I am the only ruler in this world. I am the only one who rules over you, over all your actions, states, thoughts, feelings, over everything around you, over the entire universe. And everything that affects you comes from Me.”

This is the beginning of attaining the Creator as the source of everything that happens, when precisely in critical conditions the need for something bigger arises and a person does not understand what is happening to him, why, and how. It all overwhelms and confuses him.

And then, as a result of great inner turmoil, a feeling suddenly awakens that it comes from the upper force.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/11/19

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How To Make Creation Perfect?

610.2The Creator has a big problem—He is perfect. How can He create something outside of Himself that is also perfect? Moreover, if He is perfect, then how can there be anything other than Him? And if there is something and it must necessarily be like the Creator, then what about His perfection? This raises a dilemma.

From our point of view, the Creator seems to be in a state of incomprehension, what is happening in general? What should He do with creation?

It turns out that in order for creation to be perfect, it must be created opposite to the Creator so that this opposite is realized in the likeness of Him. And although initially creation is the opposite, meaning absolutely imperfect, as a result of its transformation, it will become similar to the Creator.

Creation must take over from the Creator His perfection and clothe itself in it. Then both of them will be equal in external expression, and this will lead them to complete adhesion, similarity to each other, to complete love and reciprocity.

But inside creation there will still remain a point that is absolutely opposite to the Creator, meaning the desire to enjoy, think, and take care only of oneself. And in this way creation will be different from the Creator.

Therefore, the perfection of the Creator is in His nature of full bestowal and love. And the perfection of creation will manifest itself when it becomes similar to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah – Science of Life” 3/1/18

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The Power Of The Land Of Israel

933Comment: A strange thing happened after the evacuation of the Jewish settlements in the Gaza strip. The agricultural products in this region were grown on sand using special technology. They were considered to be the best exported produce.

When the decree was signed that all the Jews had to evacuate this region, one of the families that had big plantations there left them to the locals because the managers and the workers were all Arabs.

After a while, the manager called the former owner and said: “Listen, I have been the manager of this plant for 20 years, and I know every detail of the technology. No one knows it better than I do. When you were here everything grew and prospered, but now that you have left, we are doing everything in the exact same way, yet nothing works.”

My Response: There is a connection between the Jewish nation and this land, but it is not totally correct in our days yet.

The correct connection of the Jewish people with its land lies in the fact that it behaves in accordance with this land, that is, it draws closer to it, draws closer to each other. If it is correct, it will feed the whole world. The whole world! It will give such scientific achievements, discoveries, and technical achievements that will raise humanity above nature.

Why? You can think about it all you want, but you won’t guess. Because our world is fueled by a special higher power, which gives our world, our Earth, the entire planet, the air, all of this a reproducing force, a multiplying force, an upper force, as they say. And if this does not happen, then, of course, everything will calm down and wither away.

Nothing will help us except the only remedy: our unity. It is through our unity that we will begin to neutralize the evil forces in the world and will awaken goodness and abundance in the world. We will awaken the upper forces of nature that will enable us not only to exist correctly between us, but will also feed us and supply our needs, clothe us, and put an end to the problem of climate change. They will do everything and will totally balance our life.

The main thing is that humanity will finally acquire the knowledge about the purpose of its existence. Because, in fact, no matter how we live or whatever happens to us, we will still ask ourselves what we are living for. After all, our existence, whether good or bad, eventually ends aimlessly and with no purpose.

So, we better begin to understand what our goal is.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/27/18

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