The Power Of The Land Of Israel

933Comment: A strange thing happened after the evacuation of the Jewish settlements in the Gaza strip. The agricultural products in this region were grown on sand using special technology. They were considered to be the best exported produce.

When the decree was signed that all the Jews had to evacuate this region, one of the families that had big plantations there left them to the locals because the managers and the workers were all Arabs.

After a while, the manager called the former owner and said: “Listen, I have been the manager of this plant for 20 years, and I know every detail of the technology. No one knows it better than I do. When you were here everything grew and prospered, but now that you have left, we are doing everything in the exact same way, yet nothing works.”

My Response: There is a connection between the Jewish nation and this land, but it is not totally correct in our days yet.

The correct connection of the Jewish people with its land lies in the fact that it behaves in accordance with this land, that is, it draws closer to it, draws closer to each other. If it is correct, it will feed the whole world. The whole world! It will give such scientific achievements, discoveries, and technical achievements that will raise humanity above nature.

Why? You can think about it all you want, but you won’t guess. Because our world is fueled by a special higher power, which gives our world, our Earth, the entire planet, the air, all of this a reproducing force, a multiplying force, an upper force, as they say. And if this does not happen, then, of course, everything will calm down and wither away.

Nothing will help us except the only remedy: our unity. It is through our unity that we will begin to neutralize the evil forces in the world and will awaken goodness and abundance in the world. We will awaken the upper forces of nature that will enable us not only to exist correctly between us, but will also feed us and supply our needs, clothe us, and put an end to the problem of climate change. They will do everything and will totally balance our life.

The main thing is that humanity will finally acquire the knowledge about the purpose of its existence. Because, in fact, no matter how we live or whatever happens to us, we will still ask ourselves what we are living for. After all, our existence, whether good or bad, eventually ends aimlessly and with no purpose.

So, we better begin to understand what our goal is.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/27/18

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