How To Make Creation Perfect?

610.2The Creator has a big problem—He is perfect. How can He create something outside of Himself that is also perfect? Moreover, if He is perfect, then how can there be anything other than Him? And if there is something and it must necessarily be like the Creator, then what about His perfection? This raises a dilemma.

From our point of view, the Creator seems to be in a state of incomprehension, what is happening in general? What should He do with creation?

It turns out that in order for creation to be perfect, it must be created opposite to the Creator so that this opposite is realized in the likeness of Him. And although initially creation is the opposite, meaning absolutely imperfect, as a result of its transformation, it will become similar to the Creator.

Creation must take over from the Creator His perfection and clothe itself in it. Then both of them will be equal in external expression, and this will lead them to complete adhesion, similarity to each other, to complete love and reciprocity.

But inside creation there will still remain a point that is absolutely opposite to the Creator, meaning the desire to enjoy, think, and take care only of oneself. And in this way creation will be different from the Creator.

Therefore, the perfection of the Creator is in His nature of full bestowal and love. And the perfection of creation will manifest itself when it becomes similar to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah – Science of Life” 3/1/18

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