Independent Of Good And Evil

592.04Why did the Creator create egoism, the evil inclination? Could He not have created us similar to Him, in the quality of bestowal? But if we existed only in the quality of bestowal, we would not be created beings.

Even now, when we exist only in reception, we are also not considered created beings. It is impossible to exist as an independent creature in a single desire.

Creation is something that is outside of the Creator, the opposite of Him. Therefore, it must build itself out of opposites: darkness and light, pride and submission.

It is written that “Anyone who is greater than his friend, his inclination is greater than his” and by overcoming it, he builds a good inclination above it. A moment later, the evil inclination awakens again, and he must ask for help from above to overcome it and build the good inclination. This is how a person builds himself by constantly revealing and overcoming his egoism.

If a person does not have two inclinations, both evil and good, then he is not yet a spiritual person. Spirituality begins when a person reveals the evil within himself and discovers that this is the nature of creation created by the Creator and he only lacks the good force, which he asks for from the Creator, so that “love will cover all crimes.”

If there were no evil, then there would be nothing above which to build the good, to establish the Creator as the ruler over all creation. Therefore, there is an inner engine in nature that constantly reveals  troubles, evil, our egoism, our opposition to the Creator, disconnection, and hatred to each of us. Above this, we turn to the Creator, ask for the force of submission, connection, love, and thus we move between these two forces.

Darkness cannot exist without light or light without darkness. The spiritual state must include both forces, darkness and light, so that we can prefer the adhesion and connection, called light, to the disconnection and distancing, called darkness.

Therefore, it is good if we find ourselves in a bad mood—it means that we received it from the Creator in order to correct it and turn it into a good one. If we have no desire for spirituality, it is also not a bad thing—it means that we must ask to receive strength to connect from above. We must constantly be concerned about completing the opposites, equally perceiving both good and bad, and staying on the middle line.

If there is no darkness and light, then I cannot establish myself in the middle in the form of man, Adam. After all, a person always consists of two opposite forms. Therefore, there must be good and evil in me, light and darkness, in all possible variations. I only build the middle line, the correct attitude, the correct balance between them, and I exist exactly at the point of this balance.

If I invite bad states, darkness, in advance in order to balance it with light, it is as if I control my horse with both reins as I advance toward the goal. There is no harmful darkness. Everything depends only on my preparation, on how I myself awaken the darkness in order to reveal the light with its help.

If I have a set table in front of me, then I am happy that I am hungry, have an appetite, and can appreciate the meal. Therefore, all we need is to find the lack, the need for light, and we will discover it.

Submission does not mean erasing our egoism. The egoism remains, but on top of it we can build the opposite qualities, the spiritual Partzuf, the ability to work with the will to receive in order to bestow. A desire is able to reveal the light precisely because it is opposite to it through restriction, screen, and the reflected light.

For example, if I wake up in the morning in a bad mood, then I should be happy about it because this is the correct form of waking up. This is how we reveal a new stage, a new hour, the next minute, as a lack, as darkness. According to the way I define this darkness, I advance.

The essence of the egoistic desire is pride. I must reassign it to the Creator, as it is written: “And his heart was high in the ways of the Lord.” Self-pride is awakened in me, and I assign it to the purpose of creation, complement the negative force with a positive one. The forces of evil and the forces of good are equal, but I prefer the force of bestowal to the force of reception.

However, I do not cancel the left line because it helps me emphasize and increase the right line even more. Darkness is necessary so that light can be seen more clearly from it.

Therefore, I am happy to see that pride is awakening in me. It means that I have a place for work in order to balance the two opposite inclinations and to reveal the Creator between them. After all, everything is revealed as the contrast of opposites. Therefore, pride and the desire to rule are the right prerequisites for spiritual ascent.

The most important is to build myself as an uncorrupted expert, independent of good and evil, and build out of myself the image of the Creator from those two forces given from above. I restrict my will to receive, place a screen on it, and turn it into a bestowing force, into light.

Thus, from the darkness created by the Creator as a negative, reverse imprint of light, I return back to the original, to the positive, building out of me the image of the Creator, and then I am called man, Adam.

A person should be his own psychologist, as if for an outsider, relating to himself like a doctor to a sick patient. This is not “I,” but what I build out of myself. If I position myself in this way, then I aim in the middle line.

The main thing is to get used to perceiving negative states as preparation from above for positive relationships, which we need to imagine and ask the Creator to bring to life. Good and evil can only be balanced by the middle line. We do not know what it is, but by turning to the Creator, we can cover all crimes with love. All that is required of us is the correct response to the awakening received from above.

If each one in the ten tries to annul themselves before its center, then we will very quickly reveal the upper force that is awakening us from the center of the ten.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/30/20, “Annulment and Submission”

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