Adopting The Creator

289If I want to advance in spirituality, then every second I must transfer all my feelings, attention, and love through the ten to the Creator. And even if I do not feel any desire for it, I still try to do it artificially.

It is like a family that has adopted a child and tries to give him as much attention as possible although they have not yet become attached to him with their heart and feel him as a stranger.

And yet, they put more and more energy into it until they begin to feel him as a true member of the family. The more heart and care they put into this strange child, worry and care for him day and night, the more they feel him as their own. They love the effort put into it because it is part of them.

This is how we must act in relation to the Creator. By putting more and more attention and efforts from my desire to receive pleasure to the desire to bestow to the Creator, I build Him. And therefore it is said, “You have made Me.” It turns out that the Creator becomes dear to me because I made Him dear myself.

The Creator becomes the good that does good because I want Him to be so. I do it all with my own hands and this is how I advance and build the Creator.

Therefore, the Creator is called “come and see” (Bo-Re) because you need to come to this revelation by putting a lot of effort into it. And then I will see what I have done and will enjoy what I have done. Otherwise, it is impossible to reveal the Creator.

We work in order to mold ourselves into a human being, but we also mold the Creator in the same way. We build the form of the highest out of our desire to receive pleasure, and the Creator fills it with the power of bestowal and love. The more I put in this effort, as in an adopted child, the more I build my image inside Him, my corrected form, which will be filled with the spirit of bestowal and love and will be called “come and see,” that is, the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/12/21, “Ibur (Conception)”

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