The First Grasp Of Spirituality

530When many groups approach the transition from the corporeal to the spiritual world and every ten wants to unite and realize it within them, this is already a huge event, the birth of the soul.

We know from corporeal life that the main thing is the beginning of the pregnancy, its retention so that there is no miscarriage, and then childbirth. This is a very complex process in which all sorts of complications are possible. But when all this passes and a person is born, he begins to grow.

The most difficult thing in spiritual work is the first grasp of spirituality: connection around the spiritual point, which is one for the whole ten. If we all grasp it, we begin to develop, receive more and more fulfillment from it.

The process of spiritual growth consists of ups and downs, the alternating growth of the quality of reception and the quality of bestowal. After all, we cannot receive the power of bestowal without feeling the lack of it. And so we must first descend into egoism, feel all of its evil and the necessity to correct it into bestowal.

So we keep swaying back and forth like a beating pulse or the processes taking place in an embryo. But this is already the work of the force of bestowal on our natural force of reception in accordance to our desire to move under the authority of the force of bestowal.

This is where the birth in the spiritual world begins; it starts with the desire to annul oneself in the ten so that the upper force will act on us and do with us whatever it wants. We are ready to completely separate ourselves from our egoism in order to become like the Creator.

If a person tries to implement it himself, he will certainly end up with a miscarriage, because he is alone. But if he is included in the ten, in the friends, then he will not drop out. If we unite and strive for the same goal, for the same power of mutual bestowal and support each other, then we begin to develop correctly.

And as soon as I separate from the ten, I become dead, like an organ cut off from the body, and there will certainly be a miscarriage. After all, spirituality, unlike corporeality, is perfect, and there can be nothing partial. If someone goes out, it creates a problem for everyone.

Therefore, it is necessary to protect the connection between us and the connection with the Creator in every possible way. To the extent that everyone annuls himself before others and everyone annuls before the Creator, we give the Creator the opportunity to take care of us, like a drop of seed in the mother’s womb giving itself to the authority of the mother.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/11/21, “Ibur (Conception) and Preparation to Birth”

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