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laitman_278.03Despite the fact that spiritual pleasure is infinitely greater than material pleasure, it is revealed to a person in such a measure and form that it does not attract him. Therefore, he continues to move up the ladder of his correction with great effort.

It is said that the embryo, the very first spiritual state, sees the entire world from one end to the other, including the force it is filled with, and how it is controlled. He faces the universe, which is opened to him and it is all his!

Then, the question arises: Afterward, does a person have the strength to extract himself from the petty, nasty egoism of our world to take a step further into abundance, perfection, and harmony? The answer is yes.

Everything disappears without a trace, enabling a person to conquer the upper world anew. It also disappears to such an extent that it leaves no trace other than an informational record that he cannot use in any way. This turns into a negative stage, into a descent that he must exit. That is how spiritual development is constructed: night – day, night – day.

Question: What does a person acquire in these swings? It seems that he is simply turned off or on and you can do anything you want with him.

Answer: Of course. Don’t we see it in our lives?

Question: Where is the person here? It is unclear.

Answer: There is no person. He is not even an embryo; he just begins to enter the higher Partzuf, moving like a sperm, reaching his place within the uterus. It is quite complicated. We know from our life that conceiving a human being is complicated.

Question: What does a person who is being moved through these stages add?

Answer: An ever greater and greater annulment of oneself to the higher force.

Question: So, a speck of memory from the perfect state still remains?

Answer: No. It does not help, it does not add energy or a leap forward. The ascent takes place only due to an accumulation of efforts in the group, the full measure of which is called Seah.

To become an embryo means to join the group for the first time, which for a person is like his mother’s womb.
From the TV Program “The Last Generation” 1/25/18

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