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The difference between evil and good (klipa vs holiness) isn’t in action but only in intention. For the sake of self is evil; for the sake of others is good. Hence the transition between them is quick. So, we must pay attention to thoughts and intentions thereby correcting our states.

The source of all ills is our self-love/ego, which can’t be tamed. Kabbalah offers a solution to the crisis—to rise above the ego and use it in reverse—as bestowal over reception. This option exists in Nature. We need to unlock the power of bestowal. Kabbalah explains how.

Perfection from the least to the greatest is evaluated by how all sorts of negative and positive phenomena combine together as one single whole.
There’s no good or bad —there’s only harmony and perfection.

Man’s goal in this world is to fill desires to enjoy.
His goal in the spiritual world is to perceive perfection in the will to bestow.
To the extent of our efforts, the light affects us, bringing us to the desire of the upper one and the sensation of perfection in that desire.

The first step into spirituality is refusing the feeling of confidence in reason, above it building an attitude to the world above reason, “for the sake of bestowal,” 2 degrees: reason and above reason. Reveal both and between them I will feel the upper world, the upper reality.

Spirituality is revealed in the will to bestow. How do we check and measure it? It is written: “I saw a reverse world.” The measurement isn’t done in my heart and mind, but to the extent I come out of them, joyfully bestowing, being closer to the Creator and the new reality.
From Twitter, 8/21/18

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