We Exit Egypt Every Second

747.02The whole Torah writes only about how to get out of the egoistic desire and enter the desire of bestowal, which means exiting Egypt. Therefore, the whole method of spiritual correction is associated with Egypt. Every day, in every action, a person should remember how he came out of Egypt.

With each of our actions, we want to rise above the egoistic qualities that are increasingly revealed in us every second. It turns out that we are always coming out of our egoism, out of Egypt, either physically or mentally.

The physical exodus from Egypt may be long-past history, but it is not about history and geography. It is about human qualities. I am constantly discovering new egoism in myself and must always rise above it, which is called coming out of Egypt. Every action and effort we make is directed at how to escape from the Egyptian slavery.

For this exodus, everyone must come together. The plagues of Egypt came for this purpose, and the first blow occurred even earlier among the sons of Jacob and forced them to descend into Egypt.

The brothers did not want to join Joseph, whose name means “gatherer,” that is, a special quality that should unite us. They did not want to unite, so they sold Joseph into Egyptian slavery. But then, because of hunger and adversity, they themselves were forced to descend into their egoism, into Egypt, and when they met Joseph there, they joined together.

The Torah tells us about all the situations that can arise in the process of our work in connecting in tens and how to begin to appreciate the quality of Joseph due to the correct connection.

And then from Joseph we come to Moses (from the word “Moshech, pull”). After all, Moses was pulled out of the waters of the Nile as a baby, and on the other hand, he pulls out all the people of Israel, everyone who wants to get out of their egoism, out of Egypt, out to the Creator.

“Earth (Eretz)” means “desire (Ratzon)”, and “Israel (Yisrael)” means straight to the Creator (Yashar Kel). From the first introduction to the science of Kabbalah to the end of correction, we are concerned only with how to get out of our egoism, that is, out of Egypt.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/10/21, “Chapter Shemot

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