What Is The Breaking Of The Soul?

laitman_264_01Question: What is the breaking of the soul? How can a soul be broken? Is it similar to the sensation of a broken heart?

Answer: A broken soul is a state in which the creature, one gigantic desire, crumbles into tiny parts that don’t feel connected with each other. This is precisely the state of all of humanity today. People don’t feel interconnected, interdependent; they don’t feel that they are part of one single whole, like cells in a body. This is our entire problem.

The role of the Creator is to push people forward through events that oblige us to feel the necessity of connecting between us and gathering into one common collective soul.

In the meantime, each one of us exists either as a fragment of it or as a point since we don’t feel our state in the collective soul; we only feel life within the beastly body.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/6/16

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