A Gift, Not A Punishment

Laitman_154Question: If the Creator created the ego and He is also the one who supervises and manages everything, is He responsible for it’s manifestation?

Answer: Certainly. The Creator is to blame for all of our problems. He gives us these problems so that we will clarify them, and in that way, we will gain the upper world for ourselves. Only then will we see that He is doing this to us as a gift and not as a punishment.

Question: If the Creator created evil, then must we clarify who He is? What tools do we have for understanding this? Sometimes you say that the Creator is some kind of characteristic, a force. How can a characteristic create something like this?

Answer: You can attain the Creator only to the same degree that you attain, or it is possible to say, that you create, the characteristic of bestowal and love within you. Thanks to having been made up of only bad characteristics and now a good characteristic has also appeared in you, in the gap between these two characteristics (the right and left lines), you can attain what the Creator is, which is the middle line.

Question: Does this mean that the Creator, who manages everything, is an immense power, while I only attain a small part of Him, and this is also to the degree that I resemble Him?

Answer: You attain Him partially, to the degree that you resemble Him, but it is up to you to attain it all.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/26/17

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