Generations X, Y, and Z, Part 3

laitman_229Question: How does external influence affect the character of a generation and shape it?

Answer: Human egoism is like clay or dough from which a society can mold anything.

Question: Doesn’t the character of a generation depend on its egoism?

Answer: Egoism only determines how pliable this material is. Once, it is molded from clay, then sculpted from marble, and later, even more complex materials are used for construction. Today, mostly plastic is used.

The distinction is all in the material, and what to build and how is determined by the generation. But, the material itself, suitable for construction, comes from within, from the developing desire to enjoy.

Question: The older generation created all the innovations that had not existed before in the world, and the next generations enter a world in which everything is as it is. Is that perhaps why the younger generation is not very impressed with material values?

Answer: Young people are not impressed with material values, and they have nothing to add to the world of material things. It would seem, what will they do? But, this is just like after Newton’s physics where everything was already known. Einstein suddenly came and opened new dimensions.

The same is true here. We built all kinds of devices, but the next generation has the opportunity to create new programs for them, to get inside the matter, inside the genome, into the source of life, inside the brain and above it. They still have a lot of work.

As a student, I worked in the field of medical cybernetics at an institute engaged in the study of blood and the brain. But, this is nothing compared to modern instruments and research facilities. The research went far into the interior: inside the cell, inside the brain, the psychology of man, and beyond the boundaries of the mind. It breaks through and beyond the borders of human life.

These studies still refer to the material, but they are approaching the border of the spiritual world, and we are gradually losing touch with matter. This information is from the border zone and over the matter.

The egoism of modern man is more developed and complex. It is destined to perceive the deepest mysteries of life. And for him, they seem quite natural and ordinary. A person is no longer impressed with the tools that fall into his hands, but he is looking for what can be achieved with their help.

The baby boomer generation built a material base, the equipment. The next generation created a program for it. The youngest generation will now use all of this.

Question: And what will the new generation have to do? Where are we going?

Answer: I think that the next generation will enter the reality that we will reveal at the expense of all of our previous development, and they will live in it. They should reveal the spiritual world. The challenge of the next generation is to move from computers and the study of matter to its forces. Deeper inside the material, through it, we reach the forces that govern it, and there we will continue our research.

Question: What will young people be impressed with in a decade?

Answer: It seems to me, with nothing. The younger the generation, the more difficult it is to be touched by something. Their egoism is so subtle that it is not impressed by anything tangible in this world. They need to uncover higher sources of influence on themselves and, perhaps, they will impress them. The usual fulfillments—food, sex, family, money, honor, and knowledge—are no longer important to the modern generation.

It is clear that it is necessary to satisfy the essential needs of the body, but beyond the necessary, a young man will want to be in the world of the managing program, in the world of forces, above the material, where matter comes into play in the large computer of creation called the “spiritual world.”
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/18/17

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